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Niagara Dream Weddings is an independent wedding planning company that offers full-service planning. We also specialize in "day of" and "month of" coordination and intimate destination wedding and elopement venues. Wedding experts Vanessa Blair and Patricia Durocher are trusted industry professionals who ensure that each bridal couple has the beautiful wedding experience they deserve.

We believe that Niagara is ideal for couples who want to "tie the knot" in one of the most romantic settings in the world. Niagara offers many beautiful venues including wedding chapels, luxury Niagara hotels and quaint bed and breakfasts. Our extensive history of weddings in Niagara has allowed us to work with hundreds of wedding vendors. We have relationships with the best providers in the area and we are knowledgeable and connected within the industry.

Whether you live in Niagara and can invite all of your family and friends to a grand celebration or whether you are coming to Niagara to combine a vacation with the romantic wedding of your dreams, Niagara Dream Weddings offers full custom wedding coordination and planning services, which gives you the freedom of as much, or as little, involvement in the wedding planning process as your wishes, schedule and budget allow.

As every wedding is a unique and personally tailored event, our fees are determined by the specific needs of each client. Our services are a very budget friendly way of ensuring a smooth, stress-free wedding day.

Full French/English bilingual service available


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