Month of Wedding Coordination

Whether you live in Niagara and can invite all of your family and friends to a grand celebration or whether you are coming to Niagara to combine a vacation with the romantic wedding of your dreams, Niagara Dream Weddings offers full custom wedding coordination and planning services, which gives you the freedom of as much, or as little, involvement in the wedding planning process as your wishes, schedule and budget allow.

As every wedding is a unique and personally tailored event, our fees are determined by the specific needs of each client. Our services are a very budget friendly way of ensuring a smooth, stress-free wedding day.

  • Consultation with Bride and Groom approximately one month prior to wedding day
  • Unlimited contact by email or phone
  • Ongoing support and availability for your concerns or questions
  • Discuss family information, pew seating requirements
  • Confirm appointments, nail-hair-makeup
  • Consultation at the ceremony location and reception venue if required
  • Offer creative suggestions and advice on etiquette and traditions
  • Review endorsed contracts with vendors and suppliers (copies required)
  • Contact all vendors and inform them of Niagara Dream Weddings support to couple
  • Develop an itinerary with the bride and groom
  • Use of our Wedding day Emergency kit
  • Usher instruction, guest greeting and direction
  • Organize wedding party for processional and recessional
  • Ensure that all identified members of the wedding party have their itinerary
  • Attend rehearsal to assist with line-up order and seating
  • Will spend 10 consecutive hours directing the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Assist with pinning and distributing personal flowers
  • Assist with on-site photography sessions
  • Supervise vendor arrival, set-up and distribute favors, programs, place cards
  • Reception monitoring to ensure a smooth, even flow
  • Assemble and place goody bags for overnight guests
  • Confirm menu selections and final counts
  • Cue all reception events working as a team with your selected vendors
  • Confirmation of vendor arrival times one week prior to wedding day
  • Organize wedding party for processional and recessional
  • Helping guests who have questions or concerns
  • Early arrival to ensure site (reception and ceremony) floor plans are according to plan
  • Arrange special requests (i.e. champagne in car after ceremony, to go basket for bride and groom)
  • Coordination of the collection of gifts on the wedding day
  • Distribute final payments and tips on behalf of the Bride and Groom

Packages starting at $1250.00

Wedding Planning Coordination Services can be customized to suit your needs and budget.